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Michaël Gharbi

Co-Founder & Research Scientist

Bio. I am a co-founder and research scientist at a stealth startup. I can hopefully share more details soon. Previously, I was a Research Scientist at Adobe Research. Before that, I was a PhD student at MIT CSAIL, where I had the chance to work under the supervision of Prof. Frédo Durand. My research interests include computational photography, joining MIT, I completed my undergraduate studies in France, at École Polytechnique, with a focus on Applied Mathematics.

If you are looking for the economist, that would be my sister Sarah.

Past students

I have had the great privilege of mentoring and collaborating with wonderful students:

Julien PhilipDmitriy SmirnovUtkarsh SinghalTamar Rott ShahamZhihao XiaSpandan MadanIshit MehtaMustafa IşıkPradyumna ReddyJames HongKarima MaThibaut EhretHolly JacksonLucy ChaiSai Praveen BangaruDifan LiuCamille BiscarratJerry HsuDave EpsteinYash BelheYotam NitzanLucas ValençaCaroline ChanGoutam BhatPrafull SharmaYinbo ChenKe WangJiteng MuTianwei YinHadi AlZayer